Unidiag Inc was founded in USA with a mission to deliver cost effective medical devices and reagents. Specialized in the field of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer and reagent, Ultrasound machine,our leading medical device &reagent research and development infrastructure in both America and China. Around 50% of research and development team member hold Masters or Doctorate degrees. To enhance our market position, we have made and will continue to make significant investments in research and development. In fact, we invest approximately 18% of net revenues every year in research and development activities even as net revenues continue to experience strong growth. POCT products and related reagents, such as rapid test, Dry biochemical analyzer, dry-type blood cell analyzer and hematology analyzer will be coming soon. We applied Electro-chemiluminescence PCT patent;Meanwhile, Electro-chemiluminescence patent has got approval in USA ,China, Japan, Korea and other countries.